Parent Pamphlets for Math by Grade

When you talk about math ideas and show how math is part of daily life, you are showing how math is important. You can encourage your child to think positively and be persistent as you work together to build math confidence and math understanding. With the reality of the pandemic and effect it has had on learning, many parents wonder what their child should know, where learning has been impacted, and what they can do to help their child in math. Click HERE to access the Saskatchewan curriculum based parent pamphlets that clearly display what students should learn in each grade. Look through the pamphlet for your child’s grade along with the grade before, to see what your child should know, and what they are set to learn throughout the year. These pamphlets also provide some suggestions of ways that you can enhance numeracy learning in your home! Please look at this and ask your child’s teacher any questions that you may have about how you can support your child with learning math at home.