Family Literacy Night at Glen Elm Library

Family Literacy Night at Glen Elm Library

Tuesday, March 28th

6:30pm - 7:30pm


Come and enjoy some storytelling.

Explore the library with your family.

Receive books to take home.

Bring I.D. and sign up for a library card. 



March Hot Lunch

Our next hot lunch is on Thursday, March 30th

This month we will be hosting a 'Hot Dog' lunch. 

Each student will receive one hot dog, a piece of fruit, and a small dessert.

Students will need to complete a form and return it to the classroom teacher by Friday, March 24th.  

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please call the office at (306) 791-8582.  

Please note we will have a vegetarian option for hotdogs.  



Dr. George Ferguson Book Fair

Please join us on Friday, March 31st in the library for the school Book Fair. 

All books purchased help our school earn more books. 

Book Fair Hours 8:45am-4:15pm.

When you make a purchase, you will receive an entry form to win $25 in merchandise and $25 for your teacher.  The draw will be made on the morning of Monday, April 3.

Extra Curricular

Basketball and Soccer


Girls and Boys Basketball

Girls Practice Times:  Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:45am

Boys Practice Times:  Mondays at 3:30pm, Tuesdays at 11:45am and Wednesdays at 3:30pm

Boys games are on Mondays at 3:30pm.

Coaches:  Janis Kot (girls) and Paul Gareau(boys)  



Grades 5 and 6

Practice Times:  Tuesdays at lunchtime and Thursdays after school. 

Coaches:  Marcy Cann





To access other extra-curricular activities, please click HERE. 


Early Years Family Centre


The Regina Early Years Family Centre invite children up to age 6 along with their parent/caregiver to join them for oppotunities to learn through play and exploration. 

To view the March Newsletter and Calendar, please click HERE.



The Ferguson Community

School Demographics

Dr. George Ferguson School was opened in 1968. The Glencairn Community was a new and thriving suburb that resulted in a vibrant school that was a hub of activity. The school continues to be a centre for many activities. Currently the school population is about 280 students in regular and special needs classrooms.  A board decision to discontinue the busing of EAL students out of the Dr. George Ferguson catchment area has resulted in a significant increase in the student population. The multi-family housing units within the community are home to many of our EAL children as well as children coming from a less advantaged economic base. Our families are culturally diverse and the school population continues to grow in diversity. We have a significant number of Aboriginal, Asian and African students. This year we have 30 kindergarten students and therefore we have two classes of kindergarten. Our Discovery Pre-School and full-time Pre-Kindergarten program has a full complement of students which promises for a strong student base in years to come.  Our special needs students are transported to Ferguson school.   We currently are running seven lunchrooms on a daily basis.

School Programs and Services

The staff of Dr. George Ferguson recognizes the importance of examining diversity issues, ethnic considerations and inclusive practices with regard to our EAL students as well as the three congregated programs attached to our school.  Dr. George Ferguson School has 11 classrooms in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8.  Our special needs classrooms include a senior and junior Functional Integrated Academic Program.  

Instruction and School Services personnel share responsibility in supporting the strategic plan of Dr. George Ferguson School.  We offer the array of supports, services, and programs available in all Regina Public Schools - Learning Resource, Educational Psychologist, School Counsellor, Speech-language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and school based Instructional Consultants. Our Program Specialists, Educational assistants, School Resource Officer and Public Health Nurse also serve to provide their expertise to the school community.

Dr. George Ferguson School promotes high academic achievement and the pursuit of life-long learning within a safe and caring environment. We continually strive to improve academic standings through the establishment of yearly goals developed by the staff and in consultation with our SCC.

Dr. George Ferguson School offers a full range of curricular and extracurricular activities. We have a strong arts education program with a drawing club, drama club, and a band program. The athletic program offers interschool teams in volleyball, basketball, cross country running, track & field, and co-ed softball. We have a student run Safety Patrol. Our Ferguson Student Representative Council plans additional activities over the course of the year.  In addition to the Fluoride program and muffin program, Dr. George Ferguson School has been approved for a Food for Learning Nutrition Grant for the 2014 - 2015 school year.  This will help to ensure that all students attend school well-nourished and ready to learn as we recognize that the well-being of our young population starts with good food and a good education.

School Governance Structure

Our school has a history of positive parent involvement. This positive involvement continued as we changed from a Parent Association to a School Community Council.  A constitution has been developed using the new standards as set forth by The Ministry of Education.  The School Community Council, elected annually, consists of 10 parents/guardians, the Principal, Vice-Principal and two teacher representatives.  This year the SCC is hoping to increase parental involvement, responsibility and to help broaden the base of the value of parental influence on our learning plan.  The focus will be to help the SCC become involved in the learning agenda and understand their role in supporting our Learning Improvement Plan.


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