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Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News

June, 2017
Dear Families,
It is June! Wow, that year just flew by! June is always a very busy month so please make sure you check out the attached calendar! 
Numeracy:  Measurement, Graphing and Data Analysis, Adding and Subtracting 
Literacy: Poetry, Sentence Stretching, Oral Storytelling, Making Connections
Science: Life Cycles, Gardening
Social:  Maps and Geography, Directions
Health:  The Body
A little bit more …
• Reading and Spelling: With June being so busy, I won’t be sending home reading and spelling homework as often.  
• Early Dismissal: Please make sure to mark in your calendars that students will be dismissed at 2:30 on the last day of school (June 29th).
• Fidget Spinners: No fidget spinners at school please and thank you (unless they bring it on a Show and Tell day)! 
• Weather: Please make sure you send your child to school dressed appropriately for the day’s weather. They won’t be staying inside for recess unless it is raining outside. 
• Garden: We are waiting on a few things before we can start planting our flower garden. Hopefully we will be able to get to that soon! 
Thank you for all of your patience and cooperation throughout the year. It has been greatly appreciated! Have a great summer! 
If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me. Feel free to join our Remind as well. ,
Upcoming Events
June 2nd: Last library day, all library books are due back by June 8th! 
June 2nd and 16th: Show and Tell
June 9th: PD Day-No School
June 12th: Play Day
June 14th: Treat 4 Cultural Day/ Hot Lunch
June 15th: Family Literacy Night
June 18th: Father's Day
June 21st: Puppet Show at Glen Elm School-1:00-2:15 (See attached permission form). 
June 23rd: Engineering for Kids
June 27th: Spray Park- 12:45-3:15 (See attached permission form).
June 29th: Report Cards Home/Last Day of School-Early Dismissal: 2:30!!! Have a fantastic summer!!!!! 
Important Information  
Finished Assignments: I will start to send assignments home throughout the month of June. Please check your child’s agenda and backpack regularly! 
 School Supplies: Any extra school supplies will be sent home at the end of the month. 
Notes and Agendas: There is a lot going on this month. Please check agendas regularly and send any signed permission forms back with your child as soon as possible. Thank you in advance! 
Harry Potter: We are reading Harry Potter as a class right now. If we finish the book I told the class we may be able to watch the movie at the end of the month. It is rated PG. If you are not comfortable with this, please let me know! I will be sending a note home if we end up finishing the book. 

Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News

May, 2017
Dear Families,
I can’t believe there is only 2 more months of school! Here is what will be happening in May: 
Numeracy:  Subtracting with and without regrouping. Number sense (50-100) and Measurement
Literacy: Connected Sentences, Spelling Rules, Poetry, Reading Assessments 
Science: Life Science: Life Cycles
Social:  Maps and Geography 
Health:  The Body 
A little bit more …
• Reading and Spelling: Thank you for all of your cooperation. Please continue to read with your child as well as practice their spelling words with them as often as possible. 
• Reading Tips: When you read with your child, I encourage you to remind them to slow down, check for understanding and punctuation and ask them check in questions as they go. 
• Home Reading: Once your child reaches 100 books, I will send home more reading sheets so they can keep going! 
• Calling All Kleenex: We could still use a few more boxes of Kleenex to help us through these next couple months! Thanks to those who have already sent some!!! Our noses appreciate it!
If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me. Feel free to join our Remind as well. ,
Upcoming Events
May 3rd, 10th, 17th, 29th: Library Days
May 5th and 26th: Show and Tell
May 10th: TCBY Yogurt Day
May 12th: Mother’s Day Tea (More information to come)
May 17th: Family Literacy Night @ 6:30
May 18th: Science Center Field Trip (PM)
May 19th: PD Day-No School
May 22nd: No School
Important Information
Weather: Please continue to send your child to school in weather appropriate clothing.   
Show and Tell: A reminder about personal belongings: Please encourage your child to bring a favorite item on Show and Tell days, other than that please remind them to keep personal belongings at home!!!   
Science Centre: We will be going on a field trip to the Science Centre with the Grade 1’s. If your child goes home for lunch, please make sure they are back on time as we will be leaving at 12:45! 
Mother’s Day Tea: We would love to celebrate with our mom’s (More information to come). Due to the size of our classroom, each student is only allowed to bring one guest. If Mom isn’t able to make it, Grandma, or Aunty can come instead.
Literacy Night: Nutrition themed this month! We will be making food!  Thanks to all the families that attend. We love to see you!!!

Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News


April, 2017




Dear Families,

Take a peek at what we’re learning this month!

Numeracy: Adding and Subtracting with and without regrouping. Number sense (50-100)

Literacy: Descriptive Writing, Parts of a Sentence (Noun, Verb, Adjective), Fluency (No Robot Reading!), and Vocabulary Expansion

Science: The 5 Senses, Air and Water in the Environment

Social: Culture and Diversity, Treaties, and Community Helpers

Health: Emotions and The Zones of Regulation


A little bit more …

  • Reading and Spelling: Thank you for all of your cooperation. Please continue toread with your child as well as practice their spelling words with them as often as possible.
  •  Show and Tell: We took a vote and have decided to introduce Show and Tell. Please ONLY send something with your child when it is there day. I really encourage students to leave ALL personal belongings at home unless it is Show and Tell day. The Show and Tell days have been posted on the attached calendar. Your child is welcome to bring ONE item that fits easily into their backpack on that day.
  • Community Helpers: We are doing a community helpers unit in Social. We will have a few guest speakers. The Humane Society sends a list of items they need. Please take a look at the list they sent (attached). If you have any of the items, feel free to send them with your child at any time!!
  • Calling All Kleenex Boxes: We have officially run out of Kleenex. Our noses would appreciate any extra boxes you feel like sending!!!!

If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me. Feel free to join our Remind as well. ,



Upcoming Events


April 4th, 11th, 25th: Library Days


April 7th: Bottle Drive (More information to come).


April 10th: Humane Society Visit


April 11th: Firefighters Visit


April 12th: Day of Pink Assembly/Resource Officer Visit


April 14th: Good Friday-No School


April 17th-21st: Spring Break



Important Information

Weather: Please continue to send your child to school in weather appropriate clothing.  

Show and Tell: One more note about Show and Tell. It will be every Friday (so this month there will only be 2 days for Show and Tell). Your child should choose something that is important to them and they should be able to briefly explain why they brought the item to class. If you could chat with your child about what they are bringing and why, it would help them when they present to the class. This will help them work on their oral language and public speaking skills as well!

Family Literacy Night: This month’s literacy night will be during the last week of April. Stay tuned for more information.

Notes: Please try and get notes signed and return as quickly as possible. Thank you for your consistent cooperation in this matter!




Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News

Dear Families,
With just 4 more months left of school, we have a lot to do! 
Numeracy: 2D and 3D Shapes, Doubles and Near Doubles Facts, Estimating and Adding and Subtracting to 100 with and without regrouping. 
Literacy: Reading, reading and more reading, Identifying key information in a story, Story Writing: Beginning, Middle and End, Main Ideas, and Spelling.
Science: Materials and Objects, and ,Objects in Motion
Social: Culture and Diversity, and, Communities 
Health: Mindfulness, Emotions, and Healthy Choices
A little bit more
• Thank you for all of your cooperation. Please continue to read with your child as well as practice their spelling words with them as often as possible. The more words they know the easier it will be for them to continue to make progress with reading! 
• New words will be coming home every Monday once again and then we will have a quiz on these words every Friday. 
• We will be doing an art project to go with our Materials and Objects Unit. If you have an assortment of small objects made of plastic, glass, metal, paper, rubber, rock, etc. that you would be willing to part with, we would greatly appreciate it! If you are sending a few items please make sure they are small (small enough to stay glued on construction paper) and in a container so they don’t get lost along the way. 
If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me. Feel free to join our Remind as well. ,
Upcoming Events
March 3rd, 10th, 24th: Library Days 
March 15th: TCBY (Stay Tuned), Family Movie Night- Time: TBA
March 16th: PD Day-No School
March 17th: Teacher Convention- No School (St. Patrick’s Day) 
March 28th: Literacy Night at Glen Elm Library-Stay Tuned 
March 31st:  Parent/Teacher Conferences- Stay Tuned, Book Fair
Important Information
  • Conferences: Please stay tuned for more information. A note will be coming home with your scheduled time. I am looking forward to seeing you all!  
  • Book Fair: The book fair will be set up in the library during conferences. Students will be able to preview only on the 30th. 
  • Weather: March is always full of different kinds of weather. Please continue to send your child to school in weather appropriate clothing. I would encourage students to bring splash pants and rubber boots once it warms up as there are many puddles out there. However, it is still quite chilly out there so don’t forget the mittens, hats and snow pants  

Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News

February, 2017 
Dear Families,
February will be a busy month!  Numeracy: We are learning how to subtract one and two digit numbers and working on place value. Literacy: We are working on story-telling, beginning, middle and end, and sequencing events. Writing: We are learning vowel blends to help us with our spelling. We are learning how to write complete, connected sentences and turn them into stories. Science: What sorts of materials make up the objects that surround us in our daily lives? We will keep you posted! Social: Culture and Diversity: Learning and celebrating the many cultures in our communities. Health: The choices we make are important, we will be learning how to make healthy choices for ourselves. 
Coming Up…
Here is what is in our near future: 
100th Day of School Project- Looking forward to seeing what items come to school for this exciting project! 
Calm Jars- For one of our projects in health we will be creating calm down jars. I ask that each child brings a clean, clear, 375 ml pop bottle (with the lid). Please bring bottles by or before February 13th
International Food Fair Potluck: We are going to have a potluck to go with our unit on Culture and Diversity!  I would ask that your child bring some kind of food dish to share with the class that reflects their culture. Please keep in mind that we are a peanut and nut free school. A signup sheet will be put up so students can mark what they will be bringing. More information to come. 
 As always, I am grateful for your cooperation and participation in all we do here. It has been a great start to 2017! 
Upcoming Events
February 1st: Report Cards 
February 3rd: Pizza Lunch
February 10th: PD Day-No School
February 13th: 100th Day of School/Pancake Lunch
February 14th: Valentine’s Day/Potluck (More information to come).
February 20th: Family Day- No School
February 20th-24th: February Break
Important Information
Report Cards: I am very proud of your child and the hard work they do every day! Please keep your child’s report card but sign and return the envelope. Thanks! 
Crazy Carpets/Sleds: I am sorry to say, no more crazy carpets or sleds at school please. Too many issues caused at recess over the use of them and too many getting forgotten. 
Home Reading/Spelling: Please continue to read with your child at home. I am so impressed with how well this is going! I know it is busy after school, but when at all possible, studying those spelling words really helps your child; especially in writing! 
Valentine’s Day:  I always like to do a little something on Valentine’s Day. Your child is welcome to dress up in their favorite red and pink for the day. I will send a list of student names home in the next couple of days for Valentine’s Cards (optional). Treats are also welcome that day (optional). 23 students. Nut free. 

Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News


January, 2017


Miss Peter’s Grade

1 & 2 News


Dear Families,

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. I missed the students and am glad we are all back. Please continue to read the monthly updates, daily agenda messages and school websites in order to stay up to dateJ Remind is also a fantastic way to stay in the loop so please feel free to sign up! As always, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.


Coming Up…

Here is what is in our near future:

Home Reading Program- Stay tuned!

Spelling Program- How it works: Words will come home in the agenda every Monday. We will be studying them throughout the week and there will be a quiz on Fridays. Please study them with your child at home as well.

We will also be starting a process called PWIM as part of our literacy program. Students look at a picture and create vocabulary around the ideas that they see. Together we categorize the words to practice fluency, paragraph writing, spelling rules and much more. I can’t wait! In numeracy we are in the middle of adding and working our way to subtracting. We will be continuing to study winter animals, adaption and hibernation. We’ve also been setting some goals for our new year. 

Try this at home:) 

When you have some extra time at home it would be great if you could work with your child on their spelling words, their reading and even their numbers:) As always your cooperation is appreciated! It is going to be a great 2017!  


Upcoming Events

January 11th, 18th, 25th : Library Days

January 20th : Family Movie Night-More information to come.

January 27th: PD Day-No School

Hot Lunch: TBA


Important Information

Library: Library will be starting up again right away. Please make sure your child keeps track of their library books. I will be sending 2 home each library timeJ

Backpacks: Please check your child’s backpacks regularly. Students are not permitted to bring toys or other belongings to school. It is also important that your child ensures that anything they bring home gets to their caregivers and any lunch left overs get cleaned up.

Health: Cold and flu season is upon us with a vengeance! We are working hard in the classroom to wash our hands and clean our work areas to help stop the spread of germs. Your child’s health is the main priority. Please do not hesitate to keep your child home if they are not feeling well.  

Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News


December, 2016


Miss Peter’s Grade

1 & 2 News


Dear Families,

Thank you to everyone who made it out to conferences! I really enjoyed seeing you and meeting those of you I hadn’t met yet. It was wonderful to be able to discuss your child’s progress together. If you have  any questions or want to schedule a meeting please email me at


Coming Up…

December is a short month and it is going to fly by! It will be Winter Holidays before you know it. We are adding up a storm and getting better every day. We are learning about Bossy E, Nouns and Verbs, letter writing, and working on using before, during, and after reading strategies! Ask us about the difference between needs and wants and we’ll be able to tell you; not just our needs and wants but the needs and wants of winter animals too.

A little bit more…

We officially had our first big snowfall! Thank you for sending your child to school with appropriate outdoor clothing. Please ensure that your child has indoor shoes and winter appropriate outdoor boots. I ask that you continue to send mittens, winter hats, scarves, snow pants, and a warm jacketJ Please label your child’s belongings with their names as it is easy to lose garments in the chaos of recess. Please keep sending those wonderful, healthy snacks. Only 14 more days and we are close to reaching our goal! Check the calendar and agendas regularly as there is a lot going on this month! As usual thanks for your cooperation and have a great December and Holiday Season!

Upcoming Events

December 1

Field Trip

December 2

PD Day-No School

December 5

Candy Cane Sale- 50 cents

December 7

Family Literacy Night- 6-7 PM

December 12

Book Orders Due

December 16

Hot Lunch

December 19

Gingerbread House Buddies

December 20

Winter Festival-6:30

December 21

Pajama Day! Last day of school before holidays (See you January 5th). Early Dismissal-2:30


Important Information

  • Holiday Festival
  • We are all busy preparing for the holiday festival. More information to come.
  • Hot Lunches
  • Starting in December there will be a free hot lunch provided for all students once a month. Stay tuned.
  • Library
  • Please don’t forget to keep track of those library books! We are starting a home reading program about the holidays so it is good practice!

Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News

November, 2016

Coming Up...

This month we will be unpacking addition and subtraction and understanding the concepts of “greater than, less than, and equal to”. We will be working hard to read books that are at the appropriate reading level as well as something that is interesting to us. We will learn about what it means to be a leader in Social Studies; Air, Water, Weather and the Water Cycle in Science; and Healthy/Unhealthy Choices in Health. These are just a few things we will be learning, stay tuned for more updatesJ

A little bit more…

Please read with your child as often as you can. Check the calendar for library days. Reading at home helps a great deal with improving your child’s reading level. 3-Way conferences are coming up. This will be a great opportunity for home and school to connect about your child or answer any questions you might have. I am looking forward to sitting down with you all! Stay tuned for more information about this day. Don’t forget to check our school website, classroom newsletter, or sign up for our classroom Remind (instructions attached) to stay up to date. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support, I appreciate it!

Upcoming Events

November 3

School Picture Retakes

November 9

Remembrance Day Assembly (Community is welcome to come and join us) 1:00-1:45

November 10

PD Day-No School

November 11

Remembrance Day-No School

November 25

3-Way Conferences (More information to come).

November 30

Book Orders Due




Important Information

  • Remembrance Day Assembly- If your child is a Guide or a Scout they are encouraged to come to school in their uniforms on November 9th.
  • Poppies- I encourage each student to bring a small donation for their poppy to show support Donations will be accepted anytime up until November 9th.
  • Library-Your child is going to start bringing their library books home. Please check the attached calendar and have your child bring their books back on Library Day. Overdue books will have fines.

Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News

Dear Families,
September was a very busy month. We worked hard to learn the new rules and routines and get back into the swing of things! We learned patterns, sequencing, and started skip counting. We started journals, practiced sight words and got settled into our math and reading groups. We also have been studying the days of the week, months of the year and seasons and brainstorming about rules, responsibilities and the importance of respect. 
Coming Up...
In October we will continue to learn how to recognize and represent numbers in different ways as well as practice our sequence and skip counting. Now that our reading groups have been established we will be able to start our guided reading process during Daily 5. We will continue to practice our sight words and write in our journals. Stay tuned for more updates.
A little bit more…
Thank you to those who made it out to the Open House! I really enjoy meeting the families of my students. If you ever have questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at .Our new Remind account has been activated, I will start sending reminders when I learn how to use it!!! Please follow the attached instructions to get started. You can also get this newsletter on the school website. 
Upcoming Events
October 7
PD Day-No School
October 10
Thanksgiving Day- No School
October 12
Field Trip-Wascana Marsh
October 28
Book Orders Due
Important Information
• Please sign your child’s agenda every day.
• I ask that each student makes sure they have both indoor and outdoor shoes as the weather gets colder.
• Please make sure your child comes dressed appropriately for the weather.
• Please send attached permission form for our October field trip back as soon as you can! 
• I am starting Scholastic book orders this month. I will send the booklets home on Monday, October 3rd. If you are wanting to order please send the order form and payment (cash or online only) in your child’s agenda by the due date.


Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News

Off to a great start!

Hey Families:)

I will still send a newsletter home every month with an event calendar attached. Once I learn how to use this better, I will update it with information changes, pictures and updates on what's happening on our class!

For now, here are a couple of new items as well as some time changes for upcoming events:

Upcoming Events

September 13th : Open House-3:30-5:00 (it is no longer on the 14th)

September 9th: Field Trip to Candy Cane Park (Please sign the permission forms and send them back by tomorrow!!!)

September 26th: Picture Day

September 30th: Orange Shirt Day


Important Information


Please sign and return Agenda's every day. There is often important information or notes that get sent home and it is a good way to get your child used to bringing something back and forth from home and school. It is also a good way of communicating with me if you need to. 

Water Bottles: Please make sure your child's water bottle is clean and has fresh water in it. I send them home everyday. 

Toys: Please make sure your child leaves all toys at home so that they don't get lost. 

Stay tuned for more updates, it's been a good few days!


Miss Peter


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