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 We have a new classroom blog. It is located here. 

I am still building this new blog space.  For now you will find the learning links here.

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Welcome to Grade 2/3!

Ms. Lawson & Ms. Bawden's Grade 2/3 Class

Most of our posting is done on Twitter and through Remind (messaging service). We also use this page to store our newsletters and other information. Thanks for visiting!

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Dr. George Ferguson's School Community Council

Partners in Education


Welcome to the SCC homepage. Thank you for visiting! We are a group of parents, teachers, administrators and community members working together to strengthen our school community. We recognize the shared responsibility we have to our children and students.The SCC welcomes everyone to our events and meetings. It is a fun, relaxed way to voice your questions and concerns, to make an impact on school-wide events and directions, and to meet other Ferguson parents. We are stronger together!

We would like to introduce our 2016/2017 members:

Chair - Bev Dzikowski

Vice Chair - Nicole Westman

Treasurer:  Melinda Ells

Secretary - Julie Odia

Members at Large - Lisa Batty, Deanna Michel, Jen Begert, Patricia Campbell


Follow @FergusonSchool on Twitter for information about our meetings.


Our next SCC meeting is January 11, 2017 @ 6:30pm. 




Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News


April, 2017




Dear Families,

Take a peek at what we’re learning this month!

Numeracy: Adding and Subtracting with and without regrouping. Number sense (50-100)

Literacy: Descriptive Writing, Parts of a Sentence (Noun, Verb, Adjective), Fluency (No Robot Reading!), and Vocabulary Expansion

Science: The 5 Senses, Air and Water in the Environment

Social: Culture and Diversity, Treaties, and Community Helpers

Health: Emotions and The Zones of Regulation


A little bit more …

  • Reading and Spelling: Thank you for all of your cooperation. Please continue toread with your child as well as practice their spelling words with them as often as possible.
  •  Show and Tell: We took a vote and have decided to introduce Show and Tell. Please ONLY send something with your child when it is there day. I really encourage students to leave ALL personal belongings at home unless it is Show and Tell day. The Show and Tell days have been posted on the attached calendar. Your child is welcome to bring ONE item that fits easily into their backpack on that day.
  • Community Helpers: We are doing a community helpers unit in Social. We will have a few guest speakers. The Humane Society sends a list of items they need. Please take a look at the list they sent (attached). If you have any of the items, feel free to send them with your child at any time!!
  • Calling All Kleenex Boxes: We have officially run out of Kleenex. Our noses would appreciate any extra boxes you feel like sending!!!!

If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me. Feel free to join our Remind as well. ,



Upcoming Events


April 4th, 11th, 25th: Library Days


April 7th: Bottle Drive (More information to come).


April 10th: Humane Society Visit


April 11th: Firefighters Visit


April 12th: Day of Pink Assembly/Resource Officer Visit


April 14th: Good Friday-No School


April 17th-21st: Spring Break



Important Information

Weather: Please continue to send your child to school in weather appropriate clothing.  

Show and Tell: One more note about Show and Tell. It will be every Friday (so this month there will only be 2 days for Show and Tell). Your child should choose something that is important to them and they should be able to briefly explain why they brought the item to class. If you could chat with your child about what they are bringing and why, it would help them when they present to the class. This will help them work on their oral language and public speaking skills as well!

Family Literacy Night: This month’s literacy night will be during the last week of April. Stay tuned for more information.

Notes: Please try and get notes signed and return as quickly as possible. Thank you for your consistent cooperation in this matter!




Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News

Dear Families,
With just 4 more months left of school, we have a lot to do! 
Numeracy: 2D and 3D Shapes, Doubles and Near Doubles Facts, Estimating and Adding and Subtracting to 100 with and without regrouping. 
Literacy: Reading, reading and more reading, Identifying key information in a story, Story Writing: Beginning, Middle and End, Main Ideas, and Spelling.
Science: Materials and Objects, and ,Objects in Motion
Social: Culture and Diversity, and, Communities 
Health: Mindfulness, Emotions, and Healthy Choices
A little bit more
• Thank you for all of your cooperation. Please continue to read with your child as well as practice their spelling words with them as often as possible. The more words they know the easier it will be for them to continue to make progress with reading! 
• New words will be coming home every Monday once again and then we will have a quiz on these words every Friday. 
• We will be doing an art project to go with our Materials and Objects Unit. If you have an assortment of small objects made of plastic, glass, metal, paper, rubber, rock, etc. that you would be willing to part with, we would greatly appreciate it! If you are sending a few items please make sure they are small (small enough to stay glued on construction paper) and in a container so they don’t get lost along the way. 
If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me. Feel free to join our Remind as well. ,
Upcoming Events
March 3rd, 10th, 24th: Library Days 
March 15th: TCBY (Stay Tuned), Family Movie Night- Time: TBA
March 16th: PD Day-No School
March 17th: Teacher Convention- No School (St. Patrick’s Day) 
March 28th: Literacy Night at Glen Elm Library-Stay Tuned 
March 31st:  Parent/Teacher Conferences- Stay Tuned, Book Fair
Important Information
  • Conferences: Please stay tuned for more information. A note will be coming home with your scheduled time. I am looking forward to seeing you all!  
  • Book Fair: The book fair will be set up in the library during conferences. Students will be able to preview only on the 30th. 
  • Weather: March is always full of different kinds of weather. Please continue to send your child to school in weather appropriate clothing. I would encourage students to bring splash pants and rubber boots once it warms up as there are many puddles out there. However, it is still quite chilly out there so don’t forget the mittens, hats and snow pants  

Miss Peter's Grade 1 and 2 News

February, 2017 
Dear Families,
February will be a busy month!  Numeracy: We are learning how to subtract one and two digit numbers and working on place value. Literacy: We are working on story-telling, beginning, middle and end, and sequencing events. Writing: We are learning vowel blends to help us with our spelling. We are learning how to write complete, connected sentences and turn them into stories. Science: What sorts of materials make up the objects that surround us in our daily lives? We will keep you posted! Social: Culture and Diversity: Learning and celebrating the many cultures in our communities. Health: The choices we make are important, we will be learning how to make healthy choices for ourselves. 
Coming Up…
Here is what is in our near future: 
100th Day of School Project- Looking forward to seeing what items come to school for this exciting project! 
Calm Jars- For one of our projects in health we will be creating calm down jars. I ask that each child brings a clean, clear, 375 ml pop bottle (with the lid). Please bring bottles by or before February 13th
International Food Fair Potluck: We are going to have a potluck to go with our unit on Culture and Diversity!  I would ask that your child bring some kind of food dish to share with the class that reflects their culture. Please keep in mind that we are a peanut and nut free school. A signup sheet will be put up so students can mark what they will be bringing. More information to come. 
 As always, I am grateful for your cooperation and participation in all we do here. It has been a great start to 2017! 
Upcoming Events
February 1st: Report Cards 
February 3rd: Pizza Lunch
February 10th: PD Day-No School
February 13th: 100th Day of School/Pancake Lunch
February 14th: Valentine’s Day/Potluck (More information to come).
February 20th: Family Day- No School
February 20th-24th: February Break
Important Information
Report Cards: I am very proud of your child and the hard work they do every day! Please keep your child’s report card but sign and return the envelope. Thanks! 
Crazy Carpets/Sleds: I am sorry to say, no more crazy carpets or sleds at school please. Too many issues caused at recess over the use of them and too many getting forgotten. 
Home Reading/Spelling: Please continue to read with your child at home. I am so impressed with how well this is going! I know it is busy after school, but when at all possible, studying those spelling words really helps your child; especially in writing! 
Valentine’s Day:  I always like to do a little something on Valentine’s Day. Your child is welcome to dress up in their favorite red and pink for the day. I will send a list of student names home in the next couple of days for Valentine’s Cards (optional). Treats are also welcome that day (optional). 23 students. Nut free. 

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